Hi, my name is Velimir. I moved to Moscow from Saint Petersburg seven years ago

I work in a company called I Love Supersport and I enjoy running and cross-country skiing.
On choosing a new home
I've lived a long time in the suburbs of Moscow. It was a great time: everything I needed was within walking distance: a ski run, a stadium, city events and events for children held on the central square.
It took us a long time to decide to move to the city, and now we live in the south-west of the capital. We chose this particular place for its proximity to Meshchersky Park, where you can ski in the winter. It has a great ski run that is really well lit. And it is just teeming with life during the summer: some people ride bicycles, jog or train for marathons, while others just walk with their children. And no one gets in the way of anyone else; the atmosphere is very pleasant, friendly and open, like it should be in a proper city park. Incidentally, there is also another important bonus: a small pond, where they sometimes hold swimming competitions. This is one of the few places in Moscow where you are officially allowed to swim.
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On hidden paths
Sport is an integral part of life in my family. It couldn't be otherwise, considering that I work in sport. It would be strange if my family's leisure involved lounging on the settee.
Moscow is a very green city
I exercise regularly, about five days a week. I am no professional athlete, I just do it for the enjoyment. I like to get up early: I wake up around 6 in the morning and take about 15 to 20 minutes to get ready; I drink a glass of water and eat half a banana.

I leave the house and run about a kilometre to the park. It is quite large; I can run almost any distance and do any kind of training there. In addition, there are many paths there that are hidden from prying eyes: each time you discover something new.
On running in Moscow
As a runner, I see that the parks of Moscow have changed a lot in recent years: everything is thought out to the smallest detail, with a uniform approach. Everything is really attractive and it's easy to find an ideal route for a jog.
There are many parks in Moscow. I used to think there were more of them in Saint Petersburg, that it was the more nature-oriented city of the two. Perhaps I felt this way because it has many canals. In reality, however, Moscow is a very green city; there are many large parks and small public gardens, where you engage in sports activities. That's why I believe it's a perfect city for runners. Not to mention the 160 km long Green Ring of Moscow, which loops and crosses a huge number of parks! You will find nothing like this in Europe. It is amazing here; you just need to use all the opportunities that the city offers.
You just need to use all the opportunities that the city offers
What surprises tourists
In September, the city hosts the Moscow Marathon and lately, a good number of foreigners have been coming here to take part. Not every running track in Europe passes through the entire city centre or past its most famous monuments. In Moscow, you even get a chance to run around the Garden Ring, which is free from cars for the duration of the marathon.

I have experience of running marathons abroad: for example, I've run twice in Berlin. The track there is much narrower than in Moscow, and it is not as beautiful as ours either.
On inspiring places
There are many places for sport in Moscow. My favorites include Krylatskoye, Luzhniki, Meshchersky Park, of course, Izmailovsky Park, Khodynsky Boulevard, Sokolniki, Kuzminki, Romashkovo and Losiny Ostrov.

I like Krylatskoye because you can do anything there: run, swim, ski and cycle. Or you can climb to the highest point of the Krylatskiye Hills and enjoy a wonderful view of the entire city. The view is especially beautiful in the evening, when the city lights up.

As for places that are not related to sport, I really like the Luzhnetskaya Embankment, as obvious as it may sound. And Red Square as well—perhaps because I haven't lived in the capital my entire life. Here, everything is always decorated, beautiful and clean; it's a lovely place.
Moscow is speed
On my first time in Moscow
I often think about the first time when I came to Moscow by car. I felt like the city was very confusing. I came here and thought to myself: "I'm dead". I wouldn't be able to find my way back, I'll get stuck in this web of roads.

But in reality, driving in Moscow is easy. Now I understand it much better than other cities that have no dedicated traffic lanes. Things turned out to be not so far apart, as long as you know how to get there. And everything is very friendly. Another major advantage is the well-developed public transit system.
I quickly adapted to Moscow after spending my first year here. I like its rhythm; there is so much going on and there are plenty of things that appear here for the first time. It really drives me. Moscow is speed.
Moscow really drives me
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