About the project

It is easy to feel like a tourist in Moscow, even if you were born and raised here. People praise Moscow for always changing, berate it for its frantic pace and always try to get the better of it. It is a city that never stops developing. A city that never sleeps. A city, where anyone can find something for themselves.
What do we value in Moscow? Incredible architecture and fascinating history, cosy alleys and broad boulevards, fascinating museums and galleries, the best world-class theatre performances and, of course, a variety of gourmet delights to discover.

But how can you see all this for yourself? You can download a guidebook or book a tour with an experienced guide. Or, sometimes, it's better just to follow your nose. And eventually get lost, of course. Talk to at least five strangers, while you are at it.

The special Muscovites project is dedicated to the heroes of our city: ordinary people with their own views on Moscow. You can meet them in a café, on the street, at the theatre or the supermarket. Perhaps, you sat across from their table, stood in the same queue or were on the same bus late to work just yesterday.

Muscovites, let's get acquainted.
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ANO «Project Office for the Development of Tourism and Hospitality of Moscow»