Hi, my name is Henrich and I was born and raised in Moscow

I work as a chemistry teacher in New School.
Lofty Matters
I've lived my whole life in Tyoply Stan, by Troparevsky Park. It's a little-known fact that this is where you'll find the highest point in Moscow. If I'm not mistaken, there used to be a geodesic tower around here.
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Attitude and Motivation
I actually have three jobs; I teach chemistry in New School and also work as a research associate in two labs.
When an idea comes into my head I try to find the best ways to make it a reality
I've never regretted my choice⁠ of a career in biochemistry. I'm ambitious and hard-working. When an idea comes into my head, I try to find the best ways to make it a reality. I couldn't have it any other way. I formed this attitude back when I was taking swimming classes at sport school. I was awarded the title of 'master of sports' in open-water five-kilometre swimming.
The Right Sequencing
О правильной последователь-ности
I started working in a lab during my second year at university. I then went on to teaching chemistry to children— tutoring and exam preparation.
After graduation, I continued to develop as a scientist and applied for grants. I worked in Russia and abroad, first as a member of various science projects before earning the title of Candidate of Sciences in Physical and Non-Organic Chemistry.

All the while, my love of teaching didn't go anywhere. I worked in the science labs at the Polytechnic University, where I learned about safety regulations and how to conduct impressive experiments. I gained experience working with groups of children of different ages and children with disabilities. Things then got even better when I got an internship at New School. It became my second home.
People in Moscow go crazy looking for harmony
Teachers and Indifference
I started out as a lab assistant, but I'm now a chemistry teacher and researcher.

New School is an amazing place. We've managed to set up a working laboratory using school facilities. This lets younger pupils and final-year students alike feel like real scientists. We try to make science cooler and more popular. It's difficult to study chemistry without practice⁠— it's in the nature of this science. The wrong approach can kill students' interest in chemistry and science, leaving them with a fear of failure. We've been able to devise the most visually impressive, and in some cases unique, experiments. For example, did you know that a magnet can attract liquid oxygen? That's the kind of thing we look at in our practical classes.
Freedom and Fanatics
During my time working, I've come to realise that a teacher is also a manager, a curator, a director, and an agent of development and transformation for their school. At least, that's how we do it here. You're the one who sets the goals. You're always learning something new and creating new projects. Don't be afraid of the word 'fanatic'—it's great to be one.

My work is my life and I hope that everyone can find a job that brings them joy. And I still do what I can to popularise science: I take part in radio shows and regularly attend science forums in Russia and abroad.
Looking for Harmony
To be honest, I'm a homebody. I love playing my guitar. I've been doing photography for a few years, and I also make and edit videos. I love cooking and teaching kids how to cook. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of spare time. People in Moscow go crazy looking for some kind of harmony. They do yoga, drink special teas, take baths with salt, dance till the morning, and religiously post a blissful selfie with the hashtag #detox once a month. I'm personally not a fan of all this running around night clubs and gyms. Where can you find harmony? It is right there at home.
The Moscow that Never Stops
I spent some time working in Germany, in a small town called Erlangen. Life is very slow and quiet there. But it wasn't for me. I was happy to come back to Moscow with its incredible opportunities for growth and its massive scale. Honestly, at first I was stunned by the lightning-fast pace of life in Moscow and its distinctive character.

My favourite places in Moscow are the Russian Academy of Sciences, with its sky-high monolith blocks; the Sparrow Hills, which become more and more serene each year; and Gorky Park— it's great for going on bike rides or playing badminton in summer.

Moscow is a world of millions of voices and unique lives. There's never a dull moment — you're always busy, always meeting new people, and always learning new, complex, and interesting things.
Moscow is a world of millions of voices and unique lives
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